Working with us

We're with you - from first consultation to training your trainers...

We develop Immersive VR content that will train or up-skill your workforce to maintain your operational effectiveness. Even on their first day on the job, employees will act in a confident, experienced manner keeping business flowing smoothly.

We work with you to set the  VR learning outcomes and KPI’s then ideate the look and feel as well as a detailed instructional design for your course modules.
If you require integration with pre-existing courseware, or accreditation testing, we build that in so your VR immersive training will scale and perform to your organisation’s standards.

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How we work with you

vr safety training
  • Strategy, Consultation and Ideation
  • Instructional Design
  • Courseware Design
  • Full Content Production - 360 Video / CGI
  • VR / AR Platform and Hardware Setup
  • Learning Data Integration
  • Train-the-Trainer Handover

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