Game Changing VR Safety Training Content for Super Retail Group

Krystal Santa Maria

Krystal Santa Maria

Date: October 1, 2018

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360 VR Safety Training & Learning is growing in interest rapidly.

Immersive platforms such as VR and 360 video can support in delivering ideas, concepts and knowledge in a way that can be better absorbed than traditional training methods. A Stamford University study has proven hat knowledge retention is deeper with VR.

An area where the likes of virtual learning is booming is in the workplace health and safety training.

Earlier this year, we created a highly successful 360 VR Safety Training video for runway safety training for Sydney Airport.

VR Safety Training Video for Super Retail Group

Super Retail Group (SRG) engaged us to produce a series of 360 video experiences in one of their massive warehouse in Brisbane.

SRG had a challenge – to improve and increase knowledge retention for their warehouse health and safety training, minimise downtime and keep employees engaged during the safety training. We put together a number of experiences for them and supplied the latest all in one VR headsets from our partner PICO.

vr safety training video australia

With the 360 VR, we moved away from simply ‘learning’ about warehouse safety protocols to ‘identifying’ and ‘seeing’ the potential hazards and risks. With that, employees that undergo the 360 VR training are also ‘experiencing’ a direct consequence of a hazard or risk.


This is not simply an engagement tool or a gimmick, it allows SRG employees to explore, to experience or to be involved on the ground, as if they are actually present in that warehouse environment. Working with the on ground SRG staff also gave the content a realistic feel, the staff knew that these people were not actors and in turn made the whole experience relatable and engaging.


The hardware and software is improving at great speed allowing for the innovation in learning and knowledge retention to evolve beyond traditional forms.

Forward thinking organisations should consider adopting the technology and start building your own VR classrooms for employees to learn. Using an all in one headset for training frees up your staff to do the training when they want. There is no need to have rooms booked and staff off the shop floor for hours on end. Aside from learning the benefits to a company include increased productivity, less injuries, insurance savings.

virtual reality for employee training

This project has been so successful that we are in discussions about a further series of 360 VR safety training experiences across other SRG areas.

Looking for 360 production crew and support, or just want to discuss innovative training solutions? WeARVR is a full service 360 and VR production house. Drop us a line here and we’d love to help you out!

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