“Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information”. -Albert Einstein

Science tells us that experiential learning has the biggest impact but traditionally it has been the most difficult to deliver – until now.
Our Immersive training recreates the familiar environment of your workplace. Using your staff and trainers as actors we guide your employees through familiar, critical situations and scenarios that relate directly to their day-to-day.

How some of our partners are using Immersive experienced based Training Learning and Development


Scenario Based Safety Training
• Singapore Armed Forces
• Super Retail Group
• Bunnings Warehouse

High Engagement VR Sales and Marketing

  • Singapore Police Force VR Recruitment 
  • Singapore Formula 1
  • Embraer Aircraft

Soft / Interpersonal Skills
• Prudential

Some of Our Work

(It’s 360-Use your mouse to look around!)

For the full immersive interactive experience, contact us for a demo in our headsets.

Microsoft Store, Sydney

Embraer Aircraft experience

Baan Chaweng 360º Hotel Video

Sydney Airport Safety

F1 Behind the Scenes

Super Retail Group VR Warehouse Safety

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