Interactive 360 Video

When creating 360 VR content, our goal is to create the highest levels of engagement by enhancing the experience for the user to make it relevant and personal.

Interactivity can be added to any 360° interactive video and the clickable links (hot spots) are fully customisable. Clicking the hot spots, the user creates their own personal journey – moving to another video, an image, or a website.

This works in the 360° interactive video on all platforms – Desktop Web or App, Mobile Website or App, in VR headsets.

Interactive 360° video content is an incredibly powerful tool to engage with your audience. 360° video transforms your audience into active participants who’ll live, experience, remember and recount your story.

These examples of interactive 360 video is for the Baan Chaweng Resort in Thailand and Singapore Tourism River Cruise. 

Click ‘Enter’ and have a look around”






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